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    President's Letter

    Greetings SMPS’rs!

    Over the years I’ve written several columns for various newsletters and publications. Over time I began to develop a process that helped make crafting those messages both easier and relevant to the topic of discussion. Last month I centered my column around the word adapt.  As I was racking my brain for inspiration two days behind the deadline set by Cherie Davis one of our communications chairs, a word came to my rescue once again. So, the newsletter word of the month is Agile.

    A quick Google search brings up two definitions of agile. The traditional definition of “able to move quickly and easily”, and a marketing definition based on project management.  To put it simply, Agile Marketing is delivering work in small but consumable increments instead of one massive launch.  A/E/C firms are historically conservative and resistant to change, it is in our nature and it’s not a bad thing. If the work in our firms is not done through a rigid and historically tested process people can die. But when we talk about marketing our firms if we do not remain agile and always looking to master continuous change, our firms shelf life diminishes.

    Many firms are so laser-focused on the projects in front of them, they miss out on what they should be doing to continue being relevant and successful. We are no longer competing in an era where starting and finishing a project at the right price is all that is required. The successful firms are the ones that are building relationships, communicating their brand, and are staying on top of the latest trends in their field.  The new landscape in the A/E/C field includes marketing and branding done with purpose.

    Today being agile in your marketing and branding efforts means creating a system of several messages that all point to the overall efforts of your firm. It is more than the traditional model of marketing where you create one giant campaign, it’s about looking behind you, looking forward, and even looking side-to-side.

    Your SMPS-KY chapter has adopted this philosophy considering all the restrictions in place due to Covid-19. It’s been a challenge, but one the people elected to the board have embraced head-on. We all have the desire to provide the members of our chapter with the best information and programming available. We look forward to the day that we can resume normal in-person programming but in the meantime, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of SMPS-KY.


    Lance Allison, President


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    Member News

    Help us welcome our new Project Engineer, Omar Shoukry!          
    Mr. Shoukry joined the L.E. Gregg Associates team as a Project Engineer this Spring.  He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering. For two years, he worked as a philanthropy officer for the University of Kentucky Christian Student Fellowship. 

    In 2018, he joined the Civil and Geotechnical Engineering field.  Since then, Mr. Shoukry has completed construction materials testing and inspection services certifications through the KYTC, ACI, and ICC programs. Omar is trained in the inspection of steel reinforcement for footings, grade beams, slab on grade, cast-in-place walls, and masonry CMU walls.

    He is routinely assigned to quality control testing for soil compaction on projects of varying sizes. Mr. Shoukey is trained in the determination of in-place density and moisture control using nuclear techniques. Also, he is experienced in the determination of maximum soil density using proctors. As an engineer, he is trained in geotechnical documentation, soil classification, inclinometer, and electrical resistivity test.

    Mr. Shoukry has brought new certifications and skills to the team at L.E. Gregg Associates.  The L.E. Gregg team looks forward to growing alongside this young engineer.


    Job Openings

    Bacon, Farmer, Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. is actively seeking a Mid-Level Transportation Structural Bridge Engineer for our office in Lexington (KY) as well as an experienced Civil Designer to join our Murray (KY) Office. More information about these positions can be found at

    L.E. Gregg Associates is growing and is looking for candidates to join our team!

    Project Engineer
    IBC Special Inspections/Engineering Technician And Materials Tester

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    CPSM Corner

    CPSMTake your marketing career to the next level!
    The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) offers a credential that recognizes your achieved marketing expertise, the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).

    The CPSM credential is a voluntary certification designed to elevate the professional standards in marketing and influence the future of this vital field. Furthermore, the CPSM designation serves as a mark of distinction for professional services marketers and business developers, raising their standing with their employers, peers, and the public.

    Are you ready to take the CPSM exam? Every month we're going to let you test the waters with a sample question. Here you go!

    Q: An effective network can save substantial time by ________? 

    A)  Providing coverage when a firm is understaffed
    B) Validating information on clients and projects
    C) Designing a firms marketing strategy
    D) Providing information on fees

     Find the answer below the SMPS contact information toward the end of the newsletter.

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    Calendar of Events

    More programs coming soon!



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    Make the most of your SMPS Kentucky membership -- Get Involved!

    SMPS membership grows careers and creates business opportunities. Consider jumping onto a committee or joining the Board. Contact Dwayne Rice ([email protected]) or Lance Allison ([email protected]) for additional information.

    SMPS of Kentucky
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    CPSM Sample Question Answer: B. Validating information on clients and projects.

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