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    President's Letter

    Greetings SMPSrs!

    Let’s talk information.

    For BDOs and Marketers, information is currency. To be successful in this arena it’s important to be able to look beyond the obvious. To be able to consistently make effective decisions, a wide range of information is needed. We don’t need to just focus on the process of getting our companies information to the decision maker. Having a broader understanding of what is going on gives us the tools to solve the problems that keep the decision maker up at night.   

    It is way to easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks of project proposals and lose sight of keeping up with the trends. A quick google search will result in several ways in which you can keep up with the latest trends. Just a few of them include:

    • Follow key influencers on social media
    • Listen to/watch podcasts and videos
    • Stay alert with Google Alerts
    • Speak to your customers (A novel idea huh!)
    • Embrace changes in your industry
    • Keep tabs on your competitors
    • Take advantage of training opportunities
    • Utilize your network

    Guess what? SMPS-KY can help you out with all of those and specifically the last two.  The Healthcare Panel on November 14th was fantastic. This panel turned into something more than “How do I do business in healthcare?”. Over the course of three hours it developed into a discussion on the overall future of healthcare. At first you may wonder what that has to do with the A/E/C industry. It has everything to do with it. New technologies and streamlining of services are going to have a massive impact on us in the coming years. The companies that know more about the future will be the ones positioned for success.

    Information is currency and SMPS-KY is here to help you earn it.

    See you at the next event!
    Lance Allison

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    SMPS Class

    Registration will open soon!

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    Member News

    Eric Hobbs has joined our team at BFW Engineering & Testing, Inc. as a CAD Tech/Survey Crew Chief and is working out of our Paducah, KY office.  He comes to us with 10 plus years of surveying experience.




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    CPSM Corner

    CPSMTake your marketing career to the next level!
    The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) offers a credential that recognizes your achieved marketing expertise, the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).

    The CPSM credential is a voluntary certification designed to elevate the professional standards in marketing and influence the future of this vital field. Furthermore, the CPSM designation serves as a mark of distinction for professional services marketers and business developers, raising their standing with their employers, peers, and the public.

    Are you ready to take the CPSM exam? Every month we're going to let you test the waters with a sample question. Here you go!

    Q: Knowledge of a firm's strengths and weaknesses, changes in the business environment, historical trends, and management goals are:

    A) Components of a firm's mission statement.
    B) Useful in assessing the firm's marketing budget.
    C) The basis for selecting target markets.
    D) Critical for developing a public relations plan.


    Find the answer below the SMPS contact information toward the end of the newsletter.

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    Calendar of Events

    January 17 | Adobe InDesign Training Class
    Learn the application features you need for documents and proposals without wasting time learning functions you won't use. Registration and more information COMING SOON!

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    SMPS of Kentucky
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    CPSM Sample Question Answer: C) The basis for selecting target markets.

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