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    President's Letter

    Greetings SMPS’rs!

    Much like the white house turkey (the actual bird), I’m going to pardon you from my words of wisdom this month and just say thank you. We had a great turnout at our recent webinar and it was so nice to see familiar faces and some new ones! Now more than ever it’s important to stay on top of your game and we are proud to offer tools to help you out.

    Coming to your inbox soon is the invite to the SMPS-KY After Hours Christmas Zoomtacular! We hope you will join the board on December 10th for some winding down fun through Zoom.  We will have a couple of fun breakout rooms for you to join. As of now, we have a trivia room and for those of you brave enough to wear your ugliest Christmas Sweater we will have a room of judges. I can’t wait to see what else the board has in store. We are also excited to kick off the After Hours with a special cocktail provided by Wehr Constructors! Make sure you sign up right when the invite comes out to secure your drink!

    As always thank you to the sponsors you see listed and to you for remaining a faithful member of SMPS-KY. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


    Lance Allison, President


    Upcoming Event

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    Member News

    Make the Most Out Of Your Membership

    By: Cherie Davis, Membership Chair

    One of the many resources SMPS members have access to is the national SMPS website. The national SMPS site can be utilized to build your personal network, join online communities specifically for your industry, search and learn about new job opportunities, view upcoming events, learn and share valuable marketing resources, and more!

    If you’re anything like me, you didn’t realize these tools are available! You probably also didn’t know that updating your MySMPS profile is crucial to your maximizing your membership. (If you’re not sure where to get started check out this FAQ on MySMPS.)

    The benefits of joining SMPS are clear and building a virtual network has become more important now more than ever. SMPS is the only organization that brings together marketing and A/E/C in order to transform the way A/E/C firms attract, gain, and retain new business.

    Maximizing your membership for SMPS means:

    • Building your network
    • Growing your skillset
    • Gaining leadership opportunities
    • Successfully positioning your firm or business
    • Advancing your career
    • And more

     Through your login on, you can build your profile, pay your dues online, track your CEU credits, update your contact information, and access the career center.

    Over the next few months, I’ll be writing about how to make the most out of your SMPS membership, and expanding on some of the many benefits listed above! If you’re not an SMPS member, what are you waiting for?


    Five Things I learned Writing for a Newspaper

    By: Leslie Panfil, first appeared in the Marketer journal.

    Before joining the A/E/C industries, I was a journalist for a local newspaper.  The slow death of print news saddens me, particularly when considering everything being a newspaper writer taught me.

    If you’ve never had the privilege of this experience but rely on the written word in your job, I share five takeaways related to my current position as a marketing manager in the construction industry. For those who cut their teeth in the newspaper business, this article stands as a reminder that what you learned on the job is still relevant.

    Put first things first. The inverted pyramid style of writing is a staple of the newspaper industry. All articles consist of the lead (the most important information), the body (supporting details), and the tail (interesting but not necessary content).

    While some believe this is an unnatural way to engage in storytelling, it serves one primary purpose—distilling a story down to its most essential information. Newspaper editors use this form of editing for the same reason marketers do in a proposal—space constraints. The dreaded page count and minimum font size have sent many of us back to the proverbial drawing board. Once you identify the crucial information in the piece, you can confidently and efficiently cut extraneous content.

    To read more, download the full article.

    Now Hiring

    L.E. Gregg Associates is growing in Western Ky.  We are looking for an IBC Special Inspector / Engineering Technician in our Hopkinsville lab.  For more information APPLY HERE. 

    HMB is looking for qualified applicants for Project Manager and Senior Project Manager positions in our Water Resources division. To learn more about these opportunities and apply, please visit our website at the following link:



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    Contact Lance Allison [BFW Engineering & Testing] for more information about being a sponsor.

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    CPSM Corner

    Take your marketing career to the next level!
    The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) offers a credential that recognizes your achieved marketing expertise, the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).

    The CPSM credential is a voluntary certification designed to elevate the professional standards in marketing and influence the future of this vital field. Furthermore, the CPSM designation serves as a mark of distinction for professional services marketers and business developers, raising their standing with their employers, peers, and the public.

    Are you ready to take the CPSM exam? Every month we're going to let you test the waters with a sample question. Here you go!

    Q: What does SWOT stand for? 

     Find the answer below the SMPS contact information toward the end of the newsletter.

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    Contact Us

    Make the most of your SMPS Kentucky membership -- Get Involved!

    SMPS membership grows careers and creates business opportunities. Consider jumping onto a committee or joining the Board. Contact Dwayne Rice ([email protected]) or Lance Allison ([email protected]) for additional information.

    SMPS of Kentucky
    P.O. Box 910833
    Lexington, KY 40591

    CPSM Sample Question Answer: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats 

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