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President's Letter

Megan Hogan

Marketing, Schmarketing

Sometimes as marketers we get a bad rap. We’ve all heard the terms and jokes used to describe who we are and what we do. We’ve been called “spin doctors”, heard references to the “dog and pony show” and listened to claims that what we do is all “smoke and mirrors”. I was at a function once speaking with a potential client and was shocked when that person actually described marketers to me as “annoying little gnats”. In an industry so focused on technical understanding and credentials, it can be hard to legitimize yourself to your clients or even your own firm.

While there will always be a few bad apples whose behavior leads to negative connotations being associated with our work, I can honestly say that my peers in marketing and business development roles with A/E/C firms throughout Kentucky are some of the most ethical, honest, and hardworking people I know. Even though we compete for work at times, we maintain very respectful professional relationships, and many of us are actually friends.

How can we validate the knowledge and skill set that we offer our clients and our firms? How can we protect ourselves from being viewed as unscrupulous, underhanded, or the plethora of other terms sometimes associated with our field?

SMPS developed the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) designation to do just that. Focusing on the six domains of practice, the CPSM certification program offers marketing and business development professionals the ability to earn credentials upon successfully demonstrating their knowledge and skills. Additionally, once a CPSM designation is obtained, the professional must maintain their certification through continuing education.

If you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart and prove your commitment to being a qualified marketing professional, consider pursuing the CPSM designation and the value it can add to your firm. Check out how to Up Your Game! which ran during SMPS CPSM Week (January 31 - February 2), or visit for more information about the CPSM program.

Megan Hogan [Bell Engineering], SMPS President 2017-18

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SMPS Class

SMPS ClassMixed Realities in A/E/C

The Immersive Technological Frontier

February 27, 2018

Proficient technology is an essential part of every business – especially in the A/E/C Industry, and the demand for a more immersive user experience (UX) is only escalating. Savvy professional services firms are responding by integrating virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed realities (MR) into the design, construction and post-occupancy maintenance of their projects, which gives them an overwhelming competitive advantage during project pursuits!

This program will cover the history and progression of current VR, AR and MR business strategies, as well as provide a hands-on VR demonstration for attendees. Understanding the basics of mixed realities, the power of engagement, the tools needed for implementation and other key drivers of this technological innovation will help A/E/C firms differentiate between effective UX tactics and fleeting trends. Don’t just sit back while your competitors integrate mixed realities into their marketing strategy… Register today! 

NOTE: Attendees who register AFTER Tuesday, February 20th, CANNOT be guaranteed a take-home VR headset. Please register early!

Adam Evans, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Transylvania University

Shylo Shepherd
Owner, Altelier, LLC

1:30 - 2:00 pm: Registration
2:00 - 2:15 pm: Welcome & Introduction
2:15 - 3:30 pm: Presentation/Demonstration
3:30 - 4:00 pm: Questions & Announcements

The Carnegie Center for Literacy
251 West 2nd Street
Lexington, KY 40507


Click here for speaker bios and to register!

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SMPS January Program: Building Momentum with Millennials

January program

Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, and Facility Managers do not want to miss the Revitalize (Not the Same Old) Trade Fair in Louisville at the Faulkner Gallery on March 7th, Noon to 6pm! Hosted by AIA Central Kentucky Chapter and CSI Lousiville Chapter, this one-day event's featured speakers are Bill Weyland, David Tomes, Gill Holland and Jeff O'Brien! Find out who they are and why this is such a great event!



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Member News

Congratulations to CMTA for the 2018 ICF Builder 1st Runner Up - Light Commercial award for their own Lexington Office Building! Congratulations, also, to CMTA and Tate Hill Jacobs Architects for the 2018 ICF Builder Best in Class Project - Heavy Commercial (Education) for Fayette County Public Schools' Frederick Douglass High School.

Don't miss the opportunity to share your successes or highlight your firm's recent accomplishments! If you have new member or firm news, click here to submit and be published in our newsletter!

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Do you enjoy reading our monthly newsletter, but haven't taken the dive to become an SMPS member yet? Membership in SMPS bestows a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Networking opportunities
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  • Providing a pipeline for industry news
  • Continuing education programs to help you expand your skills
  • Publications like MARKENDIUM, the SMPS Body of Knowledge online, a subscription to Marketer magazine, and access to research and white papers funded by the SMPS Foundation
  • Leadership opportunities

The Kentucky Chapter of SMPS does not charge separate dues, so your membership in National SMPS includes membership in SMPS Kentucky. Membership rates are as follows:

New Member: $390 + $50 origination fee
Renew Membership or Reinstate a Previous Membership: $390
Student Member: $25
Retired Member: $30

In order to attend SMPS Kentucky programs at the member rate, only one representative per firm needs to be a member on the National SMPS level.

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Center Stage

Each month we highlight leadership from SMPS member firms. This month we're talking to Bill Sharp, Principal at CMTA Consulting Engineers.

Bill SharpBill Sharp, PE, LEED AP 
CMTA Consulting Engineers

Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names?
We have one new puppy (Ruby), two cats (Abby and Reese), and one guinea pig (Rocky) which doubles as the classrom mascot for my wife's 5th grade class.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we probably wouldn’t guess or know? 
I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, but after college have lived all over the country (Seattle, Sacramento, Atlanta, Nashville).

Why engineering? What inspired you to pursue this career?
My grandfather was an electrical engineer and inspired me to consider engineering as a profession. I started interning with different companies in high school and it was a natural fit. I was hired by a local engineering company as a junior in high school which allowed hands-on experience and focus from that early age.

How has the profession changed since you started? How do you see the field changing over the next ten years?
The profession has evolved and will certainly continue to change. Technology has had a tremendous impact on how we design and conduct business. Where I started out learning how to draft with pencil and paper and early versions of CAD, software platforms such as REVIT allow us to operate in 3D environments and collaborate in realtime with other trades. The evolution of collaboration software will undoubtedly continue to advance.

What advice do you have for aspiring engineers?
From my own experience, I would challenge young engineers to get hands on experience. When possible, try to install or build what you are designing. I spent several years as a Contractor and then as a teacher at a local technical college which allowed a different and valuable perspective.

What do you believe sets CMTA apart?
The people at CMTA are amazing. There is no doubt that the energy and dedication in the office is not only tangible but it is also contagious. I have been fortunate to work in many companies all with pros and cons, but CMTA allows the engineer the environment to maximize their potential. Creative thought, accountability and opportunity empower the employees and makes it an exciting place to work.

How do you approach your projects?
First approach is understanding the different stakeholders and their vision for the project. The goal is to establish early collaboration and communications so technical expertise adds value while at the same time meets our client's expectations.

What is your ultimate goal when it comes to your work?
CMTA is in the business of serving our clients. At the end of the day, we want our clients to agree that CMTA brought value to the project and was a partner in achieving their vision.

What is the number one challenge you face in marketing your firm?
One of the great things about CMTA is that it is a firm that is diverse in the markets served. From a market section (i.e., healthcare, higher education, K-12) to geographic region, our team does a great job with the challenges of sharing the common CMTA message.

How does membership in SMPS benefit CMTA Consulting Engineers?
An organization like SMPS that allowed people to connect with people is at the heart of CMTA's business. SMPS allowes great networking and a common ground for our marketing professionals to collaborate with others specific to our industry.

Is there anything we have not covered that you would like to tell us about yourself or CMTA?
One of the great things that I always love to mention about CMTA is our commitment to sustainability. CMTA has designed some of the most energy efficient projects in the nation and will continue to set the bar for energy reduction and healthy building design. These include Berea College's Deep Green Residence Hall, the highest rated LEED Platinum residence hall in the world. This company's core value is also a passion of mine. This month I completed my sixth year as a Board Member for the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) where I served in several roles including Chair and Vice-Chair.

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Mark Your Calendar!

February 27  | 1:30 - 4 pm | SMPS Class: Mixed Realities in A/E/C - The Immersive Technological Frontier. At The Carnegie Center for Literacy, Lexington, KY. Click here for more information and to register!

March 20  | SMPS Class: Qualification Based Selection (QBS) Panel Discussion. Frankfort, KY. More information and registration will be available soon on the SMPS Kentucky website, so check back frequently.

April 20 | Annual SMPS Keeneland Outing. We're changing things up this year so be on the lookout for details!

May 2018 | TBD | SMPS Class: Healthcare Panel. Details to come - check the SMPS Kentucky website.

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CPSM Corner

CPSMTake your marketing career to the next level!
The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) offers a credential that recognizes your achieved marketing expertise, the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).

The CPSM credential is a voluntary certification designed to elevate the professional standards in marketing and influence the future of this vital field. Furthermore, the CPSM designation serves as a mark of distinction for professional services marketers and business developers, raising their standing with their employers, peers, and the public. SMPS Kentucky even has a reimbursement program for members that take and pass the CPSM Exam. We will reimburse the testing fee for up to two members each year that successfully pass the exam. It's first come, first served, so what are you waiting for?! Click here for more information.

Are you ready to take the CPSM exam? Every month we're going to let you test the waters with a sample question. Here you go!

Q: The four commonly described organizational structures are entreprenurial, functional, matrix, and:
A)   participative
B)   pyramid
C)   divisional
D)   vertical

Find the answer below the SMPS contact information toward the end of the newsletter.

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CPSM Sample Question Answer: C) divisional

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